Red Onions

This onion owes its name to the tunics just beneath the skin which are coloured red. Red onions have a slightly milder taste compared to yellow onions and are often used in dishes because of their decorative appearance, such as in salads, etc. Red onions cultivated in different parts of the world may have a spicier taste.
The red onion has a red skin which is thinner and not as tough as the skin of the yellow onion. This is also why it doesn’t keep as long.
Recepten met Red Onions

Gegrilde ribeye met rode uien

• Aantal personen: 4
• Bereidingstijd: 30 minuten

Spaanse omelet met gebakken ui en chorizo

• Aantal personen: 1
• Bereidingstijd: 20 minuten


• bereiden 30 min
• 4 personen

Stamppot rode ui met rookworst

• Aantal personen: 4
• Bereidingstijd: 25 minuten

Uienburgers met komkommersalade

• bereiden 20 min
• 4 personen

Boerenkoolstamppot met ui en champignons

• hoofdgerecht
• bereiden 30 min
• 4 personen

Trostomaat gevuld met tonijnsla

• voorgerecht

Salade met geitenkaas

• Salade
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